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Activities this week-

You will see from the previous page the on-line activities are listed when we have meetings for 'nearly everyone!!' from Ladies, Men, Children and mixed groups. Please note the Monday Ladies Mtg and Tuesday Mens meeting are now on an every other week schedule.

You're more than welcome to join us !

To access any of these meetings you will need to send an email to our Church Minister or  Secretary requesting the necessary link.

Secretary is at:  gordonhopkins1943@gmail.com

Minister:                jcw3424@gmail.com

There are numerous things to share in, listen to, etc on the Baptist Website.

SCBA [Southern Baptist Counties Association] also have several pod casts and interesting articles you

can access. To hear messages from our Regional Ministers team visit youtube and search for SCBA Regional Ministers sermons. 

 All the way

                                                Always a warm welcome!!

































                        All the way my Saviour leads me, cheers each winding path I tread. Gives me strength for every trial,  feeds me with  the living bread.                                                                                                    Though my weary steps may falter and my soul a-thirst may be, gushing from the Rock before me, Lo  a spring of joy I see!
















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