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Activities this week-

You will see from the previous page the on-line activities are listed and for your weekly 'what's on' this

current week, it looks like this!

Monday Ladies Bible Study Group  10.30am

Tuesday 10am Mens Bible Study Group

Wednesday 8pm Mid week Fellowship Group

Sunday July 12th No 3 in the series on Deuteronomy 'Laws for living'.

Continuing our mini series looking at chapter  'Ten commandments to live a good life!'

You're more than welcome to join us !

To access any of these meetings you will need to send an email to our Minister Jack Walker requesting

the necessary link. He is at          jcw3424@gmail.com

There are numerous things to share in, listen to, etc on the Baptist Website.

SCBA [Southern Baptist Counties Association] also have several pod casts and interesting articles you

can access.

                                                Always a warm welcome!!







































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