We have not forgotten the meaning or impact of that momentous day in history when the impossible actually happened! Jesus Christ rose from the dead and changed the future forever!

This truth and fact is what inspires us, transforms us and brings us into a real relationship with the Creator of the Universe!

We have organised a Zoom meeting on Sundays mornings when we are considering different aspects of the worldwide situation. This coming Sunday 31st, Rev Trevor Woodget joins us on Zoom to bring us a Pentecost Message from the Old Testament book of Kings recounting the story of the widows oil that just wouldn't run out!! Before that at 9am we have an on-line Sunday School,

 Details will be updated weekly here!!

During the week we join in a mid week 'fellowship' time together on Wednesdays at 8pm we also have Ladies Study Group on Mondays and a Men's Study Group on Tuesdays at 10am.

 You can access these if you wish by contacting our Minister Rev Jack Walker on email: jcw3424@gmail.com