Updates on activities

Although 2020 was a year which will go down in history as pretty epic,  we have learnt a lot and experimented a lot and have discovered different ways of expressing 'Church'! No one person has the monopolies of ideas of just how we , let alone the Government, decide the best route.  The guidance offered is based on good, sound scientific and medical advice and we as a Church are happy to be guided by both the Government and our own Baptist Union. 

So our activities reflect this and what's going on from week to week is updated here on a weekly basis. 

Monday sees the Ladies Group meet at 10.30am, Tuesday the Men's Group 10am, on Wednesday at 8pm our midweek fellowship group continues. These all on Zoom.  Sunday January 31st we have our Zoom service at 10.30am when we will continue with our series on Romans looking at No 4 'The forgiveness witness!'  Romans 12  v  17-21 

If you'd like to join us, please drop our Minister or  Church Secretary an email and he will let you know the access code for that meeting. They are at:

Minister: jcw3424@gmail.com       Sec:  gordonhopkins 1943@gmail.com.


Just a quick reminder of our Church Nativity Trail during the Christmas period. (Updated next month!)

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