The burning question in the midst of all this pandemic must be 'where is God in all of this? and there certainly is not a 'pat answer' for that question! The amazing thing is that recent surveys show us there is a 25% increase is 'non-church' people accessing christian web sites and formats etc. There is a 'God shaped vacuum' in our make up, that more often than not we are unaware of until disasters strike and something in our innermost self asks these niggling questions! Christians believe that 'prompting' is the work of God's Holy Spirit and the Bible makes it perfectly clear that those who 'seek' certainly will 'find'!

Where should we start?

Pick up a Bible and begin to read the Gospels, [Matthew/Mark/Luke/John] to find out who this Jesus is and what is He really like!

We worship together using the Zoom on line facility and this week, Nov 23rd - 29th.

Wednesday 25th at 8pm  we continue with our on-line Alpha course and for any who wish to remain 'anonymous', you can log in without your video on!  You can access the link by contacting the Minister or Secretary --  details below! Thursday 26th we have a meeting of our Church Members via Zoom at 7.45pm.


Next Sunday November 29th 10.30am, we are continuing our series on the book of James 'How to live out our faith'  looking at James ch 5 v 1-12  'Patience in times of trouble' led by our Minister Jack Walker.

This service will take place via Zoom and details of access obtainable from email contacts are below.

If you'd like to join us, please drop our Minister or Church Secretary an email and he will let you know the access code for that meeting. They are at:

Minister:       Sec:  gordonhopkins

 On Wednesday November 25th we are continuing our series in the Alpha Course, and every subsequent Wednesday evening at 8pm.

If this is something you'd like to explore in the comfort of your own home with absolutely no questions barred and no commitment made, contact Jack Walker, WBC Minister who will send you the access code. Details as above.