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                                  Coronavirus update, news and advice.

Following the advice given by the Government, the Church has decided to cancel all of its meetings for the foreseeable future,                                                                              

News regarding these services will be posted here at regular intervals.

Meanwhile whilst being sensible in following the advice given, especially those 'older folk', do keep a look out for those you know who may be glad of a little help either with shopping etc or a chat on the phone/whatsapp/text/facetime etc.

Continue with the Govt advices/rulings, with good hygiene practice already in place, and determine to spend sometime each day praying for the local, national and global situation.

 'There is a God in heaven who answers prayer!'


















 Jack has posted a 'first broadcast' highlighting some of these issues
















ello Church. 


Your latest updates on staying connected while we are apart.

Sunday morning 10

This is going to feel very strange. Can I suggest that we all set aside some time preferable when we would normally have been meeting and read the same bible passage? If you email me any comments I will bunch them together in the week and give you the feedback. We may find this .is the best bible study we have ever done!  So the passage is The Good Samaritan Luke 10:35-37.  I love the thought that while separate we might all hear the same input and inspiration.

Sunday 7pm – Candle & Prayer time

We can join with Baptist Churches nationally on Sunday by praying  and lighting a candle. Place the candle in a window facing your street as a sign of hope every Sunday at 7pm. I am suggesting this to all the local churches too. Also you can tune into a live stream service at this time with this link:-

If you can not livestream at that moment  simply pray  for Government, peoples health, jobs, and the NHS.

Friday 7pm

For a worship boost why not join in the live stream from the Rend collective, here is the link

Grace & Peace Jack

Heading 4

News update for Sunday April 5th from Jack.

Hi Church

Hoping you can join us on Sunday April 5th, from 10.25am for a meet up via zoom on your computers or phones. All you need to do is click on the link below at that time. This allows a video interface between us all.

Join Zoom Meeting


Note, Be prepared to join in. For example with prayer requests. It is Palm Sunday so our reading is from Mark 11:1-11, but if you would like to read all four gospel accounts they are  grouped here:-

Be prepared to contribute.  


Can't wait to see you all,

Grace, Peace, Prayers and Love



PS Remember that there are updates and messages on our church media page and the chance to catch up on sermons you missed. daily Holy Week readings see

For daily Holy Week Readings see 'Holy Week Readings' page.

Sunday March 22nd 2020.


Hi Church, and happy  Mother's Day!.

Hope you enjoy reading the good Samaritan in Luke 10. What a question the expert asks, "Who is my neighbour"? What a great one for us for such a time as this. Hudson Taylor faced with the millions in China believed God told him to deal with those who God put in front of him.

On a cheeky point I like the fact that the Samaritan has a first aid kit and an ambulance - well a donkey at least! 

Hope you all can post comments on the passage by email or on Facebook. Do pray, the world is in crises, here are some pointers.

Our Govt, the NHS, folk fearful for their jobs, others who's health makes them extra vunerable. I think just the thought of not meeting for fellowship and not seeing family is a real challenge.

So some of my family played Scrabble together online. I am joining in with a livestream broadcast from Newport Pagnell this morning.

So do use new media to grow your faith. 


Love Jack and Jill.

New post Friday March 27th 2020.


Hi Church,
Praying that all is good with you. Our strange times continue as they will for quite some time. Do
stay in contact with the phone and messages.

As a family Jill and I have played Scrabble online, are planning a virtual pub quiz this Friday and today our Phoebe read us a story on skype.

Last Sunday the big question in our passage that the lawyer asked was, 'who is my neighbour?'.

A great question for a time such as this.  

Chalked on our road is this statement; “Better together while 2 metres apart.”

Elsewhere has been chalked; “Kindness is also infectious.”

Thank you for feedback and comments.

The purity of the Priest and Levite contrasts with the help coming from the heretical Samaritan.

The thought whoever God puts in front of you is your neighbour.

This week [Mar 29th] we have the parable of the sower. Matthew 13:1-29.
A good question is: 'Is seed often wasted?'

I will put out a video introduction later for folk to watch.

Jill is experimenting with a kids slot on Facebook at 10am Sunday 29th morning! 

Worship wise here are some suggestions:

The kids light marching around to this:-
For grownups!
There are lots of online resources, this is a daily broadcast, you will need Spotify which you can istall
for free:-


Grace & Peace



Remember 'You can't have a rainbow without the rain!'

Psalm 94 v  19 ' When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought me joy'

Lamentations 3 v 22 'God's loyal love couldn't have run out. His merciful love couldn't have dried up. They are created new every morning!'